The Logo


This is the official jubilee logo of the GOLDEN JUBILEE celebration of the Diocese of Cabanatuan. The logo consists of the elements contained in the official dexter of the arms of the diocese.

The GREEN PART WITH WHITE DOTS represents the rocky plains- “KABATUHAN”, probably the root-word of Cabanatuan, yet richly fertile as symbolized by the THREE SHEAVES OF GOLDEN PALAY, so that it is verily “CABAN NG TUWA”‘ the more probable root-word of Cabanatuan meaning the “treasure-chest of joy”.

The GOLDEN FLAMING, SWORD-LIKE STAR-ES TOILE is the symbol of St. Nicholas Tolentino ( F.R. Webber,-Church Symbolism, p 287. col 1 ) the Titular Patron of the Cathedral.

The RED REVERSED CRESCENT MOON represents Gen. Antonio Luna who was treacherously  murdered in the “convento”  of Cabanatuan on June 5, 1899 by Cavitenio soldiers whom he had previously disarmed for a serious violation of military discipline on combat duty.

The GOLDEN  STYLIZED NUMBER 50 highlights our 50 years of independence as a diocese and 50 years of unwavering commitment to God of the local Church of Cabanatuan that bear bountiful harvest of faith, hope and love. The Diocese hails and constantly invoke the maternal protection of Our Lady– LA VIRGEN DIVINA PASTORA  symbolized by the STAFF and the HAT.

CcThe LAMB on the lower right portion is  JESUS CHRIST of our faith whom we proclaim as our LORD and SAVIOR and the GOOD SHEPHERD OF OUR SOULS.

PAGGUNITA, PAGBUBUNYI, PAGSASABUHAY is the theme and program of the entire celebration. We remember….we celebrate….and put into praxis all the blessings and redeeming grace God has bestowed upon us as His beloved people.